Certification Competencies Purpose

These competencies are based on an earlier set of competencies "Library Practitioner Core Competencies", developed by State Library continuing education coordinators. After adopting the Core Competencies, Western Council developed a competency-based Certification Program. The Task Force responsible for doing so found that the Core Competencies needed to be distilled so that educators could develop learning opportunities and that applicants could easily understand the certification requirements.

The Project's Implementation Committee and the Project Director drafted these Certification Competencies and sent them to identified practitioners and employers in the Western Council member states. After receiving feedback from respondents, the Committee drafted this final version. The Task Force used this list to develop a certification model that Western Council adopted at its May 2006 meeting.

Like the Core Competencies, the Certification Competencies have multiple audiences. As noted above, educators can use them to set learning objectives and applicants for certification can find simple descriptions of the required competencies. Employers of practitioners can use them to understand job requirements and set realistic expectations for practitioners. Western Council hopes all audiences will find these competencies to be an accurate and comprehensive description of the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to be a successful library practitioner.