Fall 2010 meeting October 28, 2010 Kansas City, MO

Members present:

AR – Carolyn Ashcraft
AZ - GladysAnn Wells
CA – Stacy Aldrich
CO – Gene Hainer
HI – Richard Burns
IA – Mary Wegner
ID – Ann Joslin
KS – Jo Budler
MO – Margaret Conroy
MT – Darlene Staffeldt
ND – Doris Ott

NE – Rod Wagner
NV – Daphne Arnaiz-DeLeon
NM – Susan Oberlander
OK – Susan McVey
OR – Jim Scheppke
SD – Dan Siebersma
TX – Peggy Rudd
UT – Donna Jones Morris
WA – Rand Simmons
WY – Lesley Boughton

Guests: Lamar Veatch, President, COSLA, Marc Galbraith, Kansas State Library, and Bonnie Juergens, President and CEO, Amigos Library Services.

President Joslin called the meeting to order at 8:34 am and began with introductions around the table. Congratulations to Doris Ott on her upcoming retirement. A brief report on Transforming Life after 50 and Association of Rural and Small Libraries were added to the agenda.

Minutes from Spring 2010 Meeting:
The Spring 2010, March 23, 2010, meeting minutes were accepted as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Hainer reported that the transition for fiscal agent services from BCR to Amigos was going well, mostly done but still a little in flux due to remaining money in the IMLS tribal grant. The complete picture will be coming soon once all funds are transferred to Amigos

The audit firm sent Hainer a 990 checklist and one question was whether WestCo contributed $5K or more to a single entity. Hainer questioned whether any form of WestCo “grants or assistance” during FY2010 resulted in doing this. No one knew. This requires follow-up.

Hainer also mentioned WestCo needs to develop the following policies in order to comply with federal regulations. Hainer will obtain samples from COSLA.

  • i. Conflict of Interest Policy
  • ii. Whistle-blower Policy
  • iii. Records Retention Policy [already in place; may need to be revised]

President’s Report: Joslin will establish a process for obtaining info to update the historical Officers’ List, if you can fill in any of the blanks please send the information to Joslin as soon as you can. If any of us have changes or updates for the website please send them to Peggy Rudd, as immediate past president and she will work with Amigos to see that the changes are made on the website.

We need to do a review and update of our WestCo Policies. Joslin appointed Margaret Conroy and Leslie Boughton as a Task Force to accomplish the policies updates. Scheppke and others thanked Rudd and the executive board for their work in getting Western Council transitioned to Amigos. “Good Job”.

Amigos association management services: Bonnie Juergens, President and CEO of Amigos Library Services, provided a very brief presentation and handout of Amigos Library Services and the support that Amigos will be providing for WestCo.

Election of Vice President/President Elect: Margaret Conroy was elected. The commitment is for 6 years: 2 years as Vice President (normal term would have been July 2010 through June 2012 but no election was held at the Spring 2010 meeting); 2 years as President (July 2012-June 2014); and 2 years as Immediate Past President (July 2014-June 2016).

Nominating Committee: (Rudd and Scheppke, plus a third yet to be appointed) will prepare a slate (one candidate per position) for the following positions to be elected in the spring of 2011:

  • Secretary – 2-year term (July 2011-June 2013)
  • Treasurer – 3-year term (July 2011-June 2014)

Tribal Conference Update: IMLS approved an extension to the grant time period, but not additional monies. By June 30, 2011 all reports will be finalized. Oklahoma received a follow up three year grant. IMLS is planning for an in-service event for 2012. We will add another update from McVey as agenda item for the spring 2011 WestCo meeting. The Tribal grants and conferences have help provide deeper relationships between libraries and tribes in the various states. We thank everyone for their efforts, particularly GladysAnn Wells, Susan McVey, and Jim Scheppke.

Spring 2011 Meeting Date and Location: Spring (possibly April) 2011 meeting will be in Austin, TX, hosted by Peggy Rudd. Thursday-Saturday are preferred days (to include 1 full CE day; 1 full business meeting day; and site visit time). Rudd will send a request for dates to WestCo members via Meeting Wizard. WestCo will pay expenses of members for up to 2 travel days (includes mileage, parking, baggage fees); up to 4 hotel nights (includes hotel and meals not included with meetings). Amigos will direct-bill wherever possible.

Fall 2011 Meeting Date and Location: We will meet in conjunction with COSLA in Santa Fe, following the Kansas City agenda and activities model. COSLA dates are Oct 24-26, 2011. WestCo will meet for ½ day on Oct 27, 2011.

Program Reserve Fund: Task Force of Hainer, Oberlander, and Wells will continue to work on this topic and report at the spring 2011 meeting.

A motion was made by Budler to provide one additional staff exchange for this year that can be carried over to be use by June 2012 out of the Reserve Fund balance. This will authorize using up to $22,000 of the reserve fund. Motion was seconded by Wells and motion carried.

Library Development Staff Workshop: Hainer will analyze the total expense of a recent CE conference that included 25 attendees – this information will help inform suggestions for WestCo CE activities.

Scheppke moved and Conroy seconded a motion to convene a committee of library development staff to develop a plan for a workshop to include but not be limited to budget, timeline, goals which will be presented to WestCo at the Spring 2011 meeting. Motion carried. A planning group comprised of Library Development staff members from several WestCo libraries will be appointed by Joslin after Conroy checks with Barbara Reading about current interest among development staff. The planning group will have awareness of the desire to expand the CE event to other state libraries’ Library Development staff throughout the nation.

Outsourcing public library service: There was much discussion on this topic, some state very poor experience with LSSI whereas other states have very successful experiences. The more we can clarify the better it will be for everyone. We want transparency, we want more bang for the buck in libraries, and we need to know how much money is leveraged with library services. Arnaiz-DeLeon will send information to the WestCo list about an administrative rule that was mentioned during this discussion.

Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL): A brief discussion was led by Boughton regarding the Association of Rural and Small Libraries and their efforts at providing very practical conferences for the issues most related to rural and small libraries. All were encouraged to watch for future opportunities with ARSL.

Transforming Life After 50: Discussion was led by Scheppke and Aldrich regarding this Portland conference related to changes in aging, rethinking of aging and how we are or should be changing strategies, kinds of programs to develop, etc. There will be more to report at the Spring meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 am by President Joslin. State of State reports were then provided by all State Librarians who were able to stay and participate.