Spring Meeting Minutes May 12, 2006 Cerrito, CA

Minutes prepared by Darlene Staffeldt, Montana State Library

Members Present: Lesley Boughton-WY; Christie Brandau-KS; Eugene Haines-CO; Susan Hildreth-CA; Sara Jones-NV; Ann Joslin-ID; Dorothy Liegl-SD; Susan McVey-OK; Donna Jones Morris-UT; Doris Ott-ND; Peggy Rudd-TX; Jim Scheppke-OR; JoAnn Schindler-HI; Kathryn Shelton-AK; Darlene Staffeldt-MT; Rod Wagner-NE: Jan Walsh-WA; Mary Wegner-IA; Gladysann Wells-AZ

Guests: Karen Strege-Project Director for Continuum of Library Education; Mary Chute - Deputy Director of Libraries, IMLS

Meeting convened at 8:40 a.m. by Boughton.

Action: Minutes of October 12, 2005 meeting were approved as presented.

Mary Chute, IMLS provided updates on three major topics:

  1. Consolidation of NCES and NCLIS with MILS.
  2. Measures discussion, if we tell IMLS what statements we wish to say to Congress regarding reauthorization and measures of success of funding, then IMLS staff will let us know what information/statistics we want to collect.
  3. IMLS is working with NEA in new project entitled Big Read.

Much discussion followed each of Mary's updates.

Action: Wells moved that Western Council thank IMLS for providing Mary Chute the opportunity to join us at our meeting and offering us the updates and consultations shared. Western council appreciates the efforts of Mary and all IMLS. Motion was seconded by McVey. Vote: Unanimous.

Chute left the meeting.

Action: It was moved and seconded by nominations committee that Jan Walsh be nominated and elected Vice President of Western Council.

Boughton asked if there were any nominations from the floor and there were none. Vote was taken on motion and passed unanimously.

Strege provided written report entitled Progress report and Plan Continuum of Library Education, dated May 12, 2006. Much discussion resulted on three pieces of the report.

  1. E-learning workshop.
  2. Certification Program - state contact hours as 240 not 242; charge Strege(with assistance from Jones and Rudd) to make appropriate inquiries and bring back additional information on administration of the program.
  3. 2007 IMLS grant proposal.

Action: McVey moved approval of the components of the certification program as amended. Scheppke seconded; vote was unanimous.

Action: Scheppke moved Western Council instruct the Implementation Committee (IC) to communicate with the American Library Association (ALA) our possible support of a proposal for an IMLS grant to expand the Continuim of Library Education nationally, provided that ALA takes the lead and writes the grant. The proposal will be presented to Western Council at the October 2006 meeting. Motion seconded by Rudd. Vote: unanimous.

Jones provide Western Council with letter dated May 7, 2006 regarding the Continuum project Director status.

Action: Rudd moved to accept proposal presented in Jones May 7, 2006 letter and to provide additional budget, not to exceed $21,161 (to be taken from Program reserve funds if necessary) to extend the contract with Strege. Walsh seconded the motion. Vote: unanimous.

Jones will provide a brief report to show how Western Council will meet the in kind grant match.

Liegel provided a Western Council of State Libraries Budget Status report, a balance sheet, and a Proposed Budget for July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007. Some discussion followed.

Action: McVey moved to approve the FY07 proposed budget as presented and then amended by previous motion. Wagner seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous.

Wagner asked that State Librarians share their plans for five year LSTA evaluation via Western Council list serves. Wells requested and others conferred that discussion of LSTA five year evaluation should be an agenda item at fall meeting.

Scheppke's resolution :

Whereas, President Bush has recommended the consolidation of Executive Branch research, statistics and policy development for libraries in the IMLS.

And whereas, IMLS has the leadership and ability to take on this role in an effective and efficient way.

And whereas, the President has indicated willingness to support an adequate budget for this expanded role for IMLS.

Therefore be it resolved that that Western Council of state Libraries endorse the consolidation of research, statistics and policy development of libraries in the IMLS.

Resolution passed with one "no" vote (Wells).

Wagner and Strege left meeting.

Schindler provided a tentative fall conference plans memo dated May 8, 2006. Some discussion of next meeting scheduled for October 16-17 in Hawaii. Jones and Schindler will get together and get agenda out soon so we can make travel arrangements. Western Council will pay for three nights (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday).

Action: McVey moved to accept Peggy Rudd's invitation to San Antonio, Texas for the spring 2007 meeting. Meeting would be scheduled adjacent to Texas Library Association Conference. Liegl seconded the motion. Unanimous vote.

McVey reported that the tribal libraries grant proposal had moved to second round at IMLS and would be reporting on it as soon as possible.

Consensus statements:

Thank you to Susan McVey for her work with the tribal libraries grant.

Thank you to Susan Hildreth and her staff for a great meeting here in Cerritos.

Gavel was passed to Sara Jones.

Chocolate and a great big thank you to Lesley Boughton for her many efforts as President of Western Council.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:05 pm.