Fall Meeting Minutes Tuesday, October 17, 2006, Honolulu, HI

Carolyn Ashcraft (AR)
Christie Brandau (KS)
Margaret Conroy (MO)
Eugene “Gene” Hainer (CO)
Susan Hildreth (CA)
Sara Jones (NV)
Ann Joslin (ID)
Dorothy Liegl (SD)
Susan McVey (OK)
Donna Jones Morris (UT)
Doris Ott (ND)
Peggy Rudd (TX)
Jim Scheppke (OR)
Jo Ann Schindler (HI)
Darlene Staffeldt (MT)
Rod Wagner (NE)
Jan Walsh (WA)
GladysAnn Wells (AZ)

Karen Strege (WA)—via telephone

Welcome and Approval Minutes
9:12 a.m. – Sara Jones welcomes and opened meeting. Introduced our guest – Brenda Bailey-Hainer from Bibliographic Center for Research (BCR).

Approved with corrections as noted.

Treasurer’s Report – Dorothy Liegl
Liegl provided a written report that included a balance sheet, budget status report, as well as banked staff exchanges. Reminder that on the spring meeting agenda we may want to look at a dues raise to provide for program reserves.

Reimbursement form is available online. Reminder for this meeting agreed to pay for:

  • Airfare and parking – four days of parking
  • Group transportation - $60 (receipts needed) in Hawaii
  • Three nights lodging
  • Always per diem, meals not provided
    • $35/day
      • Supper $17.50
      • Lunch $10.50
      • Breakfast $7

Karen Strege joined the group via phone at 9:40 a.m.

Strege provided a written report as well. She reported on the E-Learning training, there were 43 attendees, only Montana was unable to attend. Evaluation reported that 78 percent found the workshop to be very valuable. The group recommended three follow up activities:

  • Work with the regional networks to secure discounts on appropriate E-Learning software.
  • Negotiate with Jennifer Hofman, the workshop presenter, for discounts for other training opportunities.
  • Develop a directory of projects, plans, and detailed information about state activities, a prototype Wiki has been developed.

Bailey-Hainer left the meeting.

Strege further reported on the response to the request for information provided by the Bibliographic Center for Research (BCR) to provide the administration of the Western Council Library Practitioner Certificate program. After some discussion on the proposal presented by BCR, It was moved by Rudd and seconded by McVey for acceptance of the BCR proposal. Motion passed unanimously, Hainer abstained from vote.

Break 10:33 a.m.

When we returned to session, our guest Brenda Bailey-Hainer rejoined us and stated that BCR is thrilled to be working with Western Council in this expanded role and they are anxious to get started. Strege, Bailey Hainer, and Jones will get together to discuss role out and marketing.

Strege then reported on working with ALA and other potential partners to research a project to extend the Continuum program. Strege is working with Nancy Bolt, the ALA/Western Council Liaison, and Jennifer Grady, the director of ALA’s Allied Professional Association. The group has drafted a proposal for an IMLS grant application. A written copy of the application abstract was provided to the group.

McVey moved and Walsh seconded that Western Council participate as a partner in the ALA lead IMLS grant. Much discussion followed. Motion passed with one no vote.

McVey reported on status of the Tribal Conference Grant. Again a written report was provided. McVey reported that she greeted the news of the grant by Western Council had been funded with a mix of excitement and terror! The total funding of the project from IMLS is $594,757. The three year project will include a conference in Oklahoma in 2007 and in Oregon in 2009. Targeted continuing education for limited number of tribal library, museum, and archives staff in 2008 at selected sites.

Some discussion of the COSLA meeting in Omaha, Nebraska – Oct. 15-17 a week later than the Tribal Conference and whether or not Western Council will be meeting in adjacent to that.

Next meeting:
Western Council will meet in San Antonio, Texas in the Spring of 2007. Dates are April 11-13, 2007. Texas Library Association will be meeting April 12-15 see their website at TXLA.org for details. Western Council will pay for:

  • 2 nights hotel
  • Transportation there
  • Support pre-conference registration ($175)

Fall 2007 – Reimbursements for Omaha:

  • Airline and transportation
  • 2 nights hotel - $119
  • Per diem – two-day, meals not covered