Spring 2007 Meeting April 11, 2007, San Antonio, Texas

Jan Walsh (WA)
GladysAnn Wells (AZ)
Susan Hildreth (CA)
JoAnn Schindler (HI)
Rod Wagner (NE)
Lesley Boughton (WY)
Mary Wegner (IA)
Eugene Hainer (CO)
Doris Ott (ND)
Susan McVey (OK)
Peggy Rudd (TX)
Phyllis Sargent (NV)
Kay Shelton (AK)
Jim Scheppke (OK)

Karen Strege

President Jan Walsh called the meeting to order at 9:07 am. She welcomed all, and noted that several members were unable to attend because of conflicts, including legislative sessions.in their states.

Minutes from the October 17, 2006 meeting in Hawaii were approved.

Treasurer’s report
Treasurer Dorothy Liegl provided a written report, since she was unable to attend. Discussion included possible need to increase dues; fluctuations in the budget from year to year were related to grants received by Westco. Treasurer’s report accepted.

Election of Vice-President
Walsh said that she had one nomination: Peggy Rudd had consented to run for the position of Vice-President. Susan McVey seconded the nomination. With thanks to Peggy for being willing to serve, the Council voted unanimously to elect Peggy Rudd.

Selection of Spring 2008 meeting site
Walsh discussed Salt Lake City with Donna Jones Morris (UT). Proposed date is April 29, 2008, followed by the Utah State Library Conference. Discussion on desirable dates ensued; the question raised was whether it was better to have the meeting before National Legislative Day or after. ALA Washington office has scheduled National Legislative Day for May 13-14, making COSLA’s meeting May 12, 2008. Gladys Ann Wells offered Arizona as an alternative. Meeting date of early June was also suggested; final decision to be made at Fall meeting.

Jim Scheppke brought up the question of going to Alaska in conjunction with COSLA in Fall 2009. Kay Shelton said that she would explore possibilities, but any fall meeting should probably be in Anchorage rather than Juneau, given weather. The Alaska Library Association meets in Fairbanks, February 28-March 3, 2008.

Fall 2007 meeting in Omaha
Rod Wagner spoke concerning the fall WESTCO meeting, October 15, Omaha, with a start time of 1:00 pm. COSLA will be meeting from the evening of October 15 through Wednesday, October 17, 2007.

Continuum Update
Karen Strege provided a progress report on the Continuum of Library Education, including information on the evaluation process and the launching of the website at http://certificate.westernco.org/ . The response from IMLS on the new grant application proposed jointly by ALA and WESTCO is expected by July. The Council discussed the program and the process. The 3-month gap between possible IMLS funding beginning in October and the end of the WESTCO grant support was discussed. Gladys Ann Wells said that she and Karen were seriously discussing the possibility of a program to work with training providers to give college courses in AZ, and AZ was willing to support Karen’s salary during this time to help with this project. Gene Hainer said the Colorado was also looking into this possibility. It was noted that one of the challenges was delivery of courses as well as finding trainers and providers willing to work with the Continuum. Susan McVey said the need to evaluate and suggest changes as the process continues and that AZ and CO ‘s willingness to pursue training was helpful.

Continuum Evaluation: Preliminary Findings
Karen Strege also handed out a two-page sheet of preliminary findings. Discussion and suggestions on changes for greater accuracy were offered by the Council.

Both Continuum handouts are available from Karen Strege; she will email copies to Council members not in attendance.

2007 National Conference--Guardians of Language, Memory and Lifeways: Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums
Susan McVey reviewed the progress of the IMLS grant, noting that preliminary schedules, registration forms, and other conference information is available on the web at www.tribalconference.org . She reviewed a six-month narrative report from the project director. Right now they are planning 8 full-day pre-conferences, many sessions, and hoping to have approximately 450 attendees. She urges that participants register early; scholarships are available.

IMLS Planning Grant: Future of Association of Rural and Small Libraries
Susan Hildreth reviewed the grant application to IMLS and handed out a one page sheet describing the application. One of her staff has been working closely with ARSL and other organizations, including CALIFA, to request a planning grant to assess the rural library needs and assets. Included is an update of ARSL’s website with WebJunction and a conference outside of the Midwest. The hope is to find solutions of increase the capacity of rural libraries to provide services to their communities. Council members expressed support and interest in this on-going effort.

NEH Preservation Grant
Susan Hildreth reviewed a recently rewarded NEH grant that provides for delivery and training in emergency preparedness, response, and collection salvage for libraries and archives. Forty workshops are being planned for 2007-2008. Seven trainers, led by Barclay Ogden of UC-Berkeley will be offering the training in several WESTCO states and the Pacific territories. The project, WESTPAS, is described on the ALA website. The states involved include Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawai’I, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. In addition to providing formal training, the workshops will begin building informal networks of library and archives staff who can create a community of mutual aid for preservation of collections in the region.

Government Information and continuing education impact for librarians
Gladys Ann Wells said that the federal government is placing more information on the web and putting more of the burden on access to that information on the public, which means that public libraries are bearing more of the burden of providing such access. The need for training librarians in accessing this information is increasingly important.

Other Business
Jim Scheppke urged that all states review the NLS’s recent proposals regarding the Digital Talking Book Program. His concern is the scarcity of the new machines. The distribution begins January 2009, but it is not yet clear how many will be distributed and to whom. Also, a priority system is proposed by NLS. Michael York also reported to him that NLS has determined that it cannot provide downloadable materials.

All briefly reviewed what was happening in their states. Many budgets are now being determined. (Nebraska, North Dakota, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma report status quo so far.) Several states have begun READ poster campaigns.
Highlights (please forgive your secretary for not recording everything!)

  • Nevada continues its search for a new state librarian.
  • Washington is planning a heritage center and has a new prison branch library.
  • California has money for construction projects, and Tutor.com has sent a lobbyist to California to gain support for Live Homework Help.
  • Hawaii is collaborating with others on the BIG READ and hoping for more construction funds.
  • Oregon: 25% increase in statewide aid to focus on children and ready to read grants-- early literacy and summer reading programs. Also, a new bill protecting privacy of e-mail addresses listed in library systems will probably pass.
  • Arizona is looking towards Centennial.
  • Wyoming: no budget this session; John Cotton Award
  • Iowa: revising website
  • Alaska is looking for a head of library development

The Council meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm, with thanks to Peggy Rudd for hosting us. Lunch was held across the street at the Copper Kitchen Café, located in the Southwest School of Art and Craft.