Fall 2007 Meeting October 15, 2007, Omaha, NE

Attendees: Kathryn Shelton, AK; GladysAnn Wells, AZ; Carolyn Ashcraft, AR; Susan Hildreth, CA; Eugene Hainer, CO; Jo Ann Schindler, HI; Ann Joslin, ID; Mary Wegner, IA; Christie Brandau, KS; Margaret Conroy, MO; Darlene Staffeldt, MT; Rod Wagner, NE; Joy Poole, NM; Daphne , NV; Doris Ott, ND; Susan McVey, OK; Jim Sheppke, OR; Dorothy Liegl, SD; Peggy Rudd, TX; Donna Jones Morris, UT; Jan Walsh, WA; and Lesley Boughton, WY

Guests: Darrell Vigil, BCR; George Smith, IMLS; Mary Chute, IMLS; Karen Strege (via telephone)

Welcome and introductions provided by Rod Wagner

Minutes of the April 11, 2007 meeting were approved.

President’s Report provided by Jan Walsh, included but not limited to:

  • Thanked everyone for their help in her transition to the President’s position.
  • People pleased with continuum project. Evaluation is good – growth of Western Council as an organization.
  • Now working towards shared grant with ALA.
  • Tribal conference is next week.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Dorothy Liegl and Darrell Vigil. A handout was provided that showed a snapshot of Western Council budget as of June 30, 2007. (see handout “A”). It was noted that each staff exchange is charged at $1000 and state’s can buy extras.

Continuum Update and Decision Making for Western Council, report provided by Karen Strege via telephone and
Susan McVey

  • Continuum project officially over
  • All paper work is done
  • Worked with IMLS for clarification of in-kind/cash match issue.
  • Any questions on final report? – none

Discussion continued on the certification program, both approved providers and participants.

Additional report and discussion on the program financials.
Susan McVey reports very happy with the work of Karen Strege and BCR.

Next year – BCR proposal – annual base fee; all kinds of indirect costs; per application fee; 3 year estimate (annual - $4,000/yr; $300/application, $35/web page)
Susan and Karen have done a wonderful job.

  • Building airplane as taxing down the run way
  • Still unsure number of provider and participants
  • Meet again in April
  • Develop a business plan
  • One year contract to BCR

Motion: Peggy Rudd moved that Western Council accept for 1 year BCR proposal; continue to hire Karen Strege for ongoing support as she has outlined for one year, over next year work on business plan which will include discussion and means of providing promotion of the program. Motion seconded by Susan McVey.

After much discussion on costs and estimated usage within various states, the motion was approved.

Karen Strege will work with Darrell Vigil, Ellen Fox and Western Council Liaison on the business plan. Strege estimates ten hours a month and it will be done by spring meeting.

Discussion regarding need for Western Council liaison, as well as some historical discussion resulted in Margaret Conroy willing to be liaison but recognizing that she had no “historical background” with the program growth and development. Conroy will be joined by Gladys Ann Wells, Susan McVey, and Peggy Rudd to be a Committee of four to provide the liaison role at this time. Margaret will be the lead liaison. Written reports will be provided to the Committee and on to the Council as appropriate.

Strege thanked everyone for the good discussion and all the efforts to bring the program forward.

Spring 2008 Meeting

  • Donna Jones Morris will send details to everyone as soon as possible.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • April 28-29, 2008
  • MPLA starts Tuesday (April 29th) in the evening
  • Perhaps at “new” Church History Library on Monday afternoon
  • Start meeting on Monday at 1:00 p.m.
  • Will pay for two nights lodging or up to 3 nights lodging if necessary for early start on Monday

Tribal Grant Conference

  • Reported provided by Susan McVey
  • 547 people registered
  • 45 states, 200 tribes
  • 35 exhibitions
  • Provided program at a glance
  • Rick West, replaced by Kevin Grover – new director
  • Native words/worries
  • Financial as well as content rich!
  • BCR people have been fantastic to work with on this Conference!!!
  • Next conference will be in Oregon.

Thank you Susan McVey for an amazing job!

Additional brief discussion followed on the IMLS Planning Grant for Rural and Small Libraries which was not funded and the Western State and Territories Preservation Assistance Service (WESTPAS) conference and infrastructure set up from California State Library.


A budget report with 2008 budget was presented by Dorothy Liegl. The certification program will be included on a separate report but will be included in financial statements. Discussion on the BCR flat annual fee vs. per page cost followed.

Motion was made to approve the Budget by Liegl, seconded by McVey. Motion passed.

JoAnn Schindler announced her retirement in December 2007 and that Richard Burns will be the new Hawaii State Librarian.

Some discussion on the need for and funding of ongoing Western Council staff to work with Council leadership on agendas, grants, continuing education programs, and longer term projects. Ongoing staff would require a dues increase. What do we want to be when we grow up? Reconsider in April? A committee to investigate further to include Gladys Ann Wells, Susan Hildreth, and Susan McVey.

Fall 2008 Meeting Site Selection

  • With COSLA in Mississippi?
  • Number of times we are gone from our States
  • Walsh will check with Sharman Smith and bring back to April meeting.

Discussion lead by Jim Scheppke regarding National Library Service and 2 key strategic issues:

  • Will we have enough players
  • Will need to “buy” some machine(s)
  • Expanded downloaded program from pilot to NLS – Braille and recorded titles
  • Branding service to regional libraries or it will not continue to be our service
  • NLS the wholesaler, we are the retailer
  • Memorandum of Understanding – do the services well or not. Bring up at COSLA meeting.

Updates from attendees

State Librarians shared highlights very quickly:
WY – mud flap girl very “popular” as a target marketing tool; MO – State Library won friendliest group award with chocolate; CO – has a new boss, word “libraries’ used in meeting(s), ongoing funding for libraries?; UT – 50th anniversary of Utah State library, celebration to be held in the Governor’s mansion; WA – new trends working with Information Technology Services Department; TX – received NASCIO award.

Brief discussion on the Madison Group - COSLA Executive Institute. Need to consider the following questions:

  • Should it continue?
  • What should it do?

Spring Meeting, Western Council will pay for:

  • 3 nights (MPLA) 2 nights if not
  • Fee for in-room internet if necessary
  • 3 days of non-WCSL provided meals
  • Airfare (14 days in advance) or up to that amount for mileage.

Action Items to consider at future meetings:

  • Staff for Western council
  • BCR web site listing
  • Business plan, proactive promotion of Continuum program
  • MOU