Spring 2008 Meeting April 28, 2008, Salt Lake City, UT


Members: Kay Shelton, Gladys Ann Wells, Susan Hildreth, Gene Haines, Richard Burns, Ann Joslin, Mary Wegner, Christie Brandau, Darlene Staffeldt, Rod Wagner, Susan Oberlander, Susan McVey, Jim Scheppke, Dorothy Liegl, Peggy Rudd, Donna Jones Morris, Jan Walsh and Lesley Boughton.

Guests: Karen Strege, Elizabeth Eder joined us for lunch.

Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m. by Jan Walsh, President

Donna Jones Morris welcomed the Western Council to Salt Lake and introduced Cheryl Mansion and Mary Ellen Hunt, members of her staff who made the arrangements. The Western Council thanked the three of them for all of their efforts.

Introductions went around the table.

Agenda Additions:

MPLA in Wichita, KS in April 2009 - Brandau
Statistics issues - Rudd
Sharing – Wegner
Location for the meeting next spring

Presidents Report - Walsh:

It has been very busy with lots of staff exchanges activities, as well as time spent on national causes which are covered later on the agenda.


The minutes of the October 15, 2007 meeting were approved with the following amendments: the additions of "place - Omaha, NE" and "prepared by Darlene Staffeldt".

Treasurer's Report - Liegl:

There were two handouts. Finances look good. State staff exchanges need reviewed as some will expire on June 30, 2008. There was some discussion on the need to review the regulations and/or guidelines on staff exchanges. There will be more discussion at a later time on this agenda.

Old Business:

1.) National Library Services Memorandum of Understanding (MLS/MOU) Draft

Rudd and Scheppke introduced the discussion. The intention of the MOU is to try to speed up where we are in the digitalization movement, to provide clear roles in the new situation, and to provide for more equal partners in the new enterprise process of providing services to our 'unable to read standard print' patrons. We want the best for our end users. The MOU provides a platform for ongoing discussion. This topic will be addressed some more at the COSLA meeting in Washington DC in a couple of weeks.

2.) National Conference of Tribal Archives, Libraries & Museums

McVey provided all the members with a packet from the meeting which was held October 22-25, 2007 in Oklahoma City, OK. The packet included a final report as well as other helpful items such as information on mini conference events throughout 2008 which are topic specific such as "Caring for American Indian Objects". The Western Council thanked McVey for a great job!

3.) Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Services (WESTPAS)

Hildreth provided highlights from the January 17, 2008 interim performance report handout. Highlights discussed included: 75% of the attendees at workshops on disaster preparedness completed disaster response plans.

4.) Western Council Staff

McVey, Wells and Hildreth led a discussion on the need or not for more staff for the council. If more help is needed other than fiscal management provides via BCR, the options could be:
(1) a management company;
(2) a related association such as BCR;
(3) an individual contract; or
(4) to continue volunteer efforts.
If we want to continue to be involved in larger projects such as IMLS grants, Tribal conferences, Practitioner Program, etc. then we make a big impact on "volunteer" State Library staffs. Many feel that the informality of Western Council is one of its greatest values and we may need to take a break from major projects. Not close the door to them in the future but remember to write staffing needs into future project proposals.

5.) Website Services

There was a handout listing 2 possible options for service for continued hosting and maintenance of the Western Council website.

It was moved, seconded and passed to accept BCR's option 1. Option 1 is that BCR will provide website hosting billed $420 annually which is $35 per month; renewal of website domain (westernco.org) billed annually at actual cost; and website maintenance billed monthly with a one time price per webpage for significant changes or addition of new pages. Charge will be $35.00 per page.

40 minute recess for lunch and tour of the Salt Lake City Public Library (SLCPL). Beth Elder, the new Director of SLCPL joined us for lunch.

6.) Practitioner Continuum

The Western Council Continuum Committee of McVey, Wells, Conroy, Rudd and Strege made a business plan and proactive promotion recommendations. Strege provided an update including a financial report. The recommendations included: take time now for a pilot market approach in the six active states; conduct conference calls with the six states, providers, practitioners and then the six state librarians again; practice using packages that are out there such as Webjunction, InfoPeople, etc.; market in all six states; bring back to the fall meeting; and consensus to carry Strege and BCR to end of the fiscal year and see where we are.

Motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the short term plan as forwarded by the committee.

Thank you to the committee and Strege for keeping it going!

7.) Library Support Staff Certification Program

Strege provided a Performance Report for the ALA/Western Council Library Support Staff Certification program. Project directors are working on a set of national core competencies, developing and implementing certification program policies and procedures, guidelines for assessments of current knowledge, experience and new learning. Co-directors Strege and Nancy Bolt are doing a lot of promotion and communication regarding the program.

New Business:

1.) Election of Treasurer

Gene Hainer was nominated and elected to serve as Western Council's Treasurer.

2.) Staff Exchanges for Foreign Travel

Wells began the discussion on this issue. After some discussion of all staff exchange issues, foreign and domestic, processes and procedures, a committee was called together to draft/rewrite the staff exchange purpose, policies and procedures. The committee is to be composed of Joslin, Wells, and Hainer. Part of the charge to the committee is to have the program policy and procedures reviewed by Boughton and BCR’s fiscal agent and/or lawyer regarding IRS rules thus getting a historical and professional review.

3.) Association for Rural and Small Libraries Conference

Hildreth provided a flyer regarding the conference which is to be held September 19-21, 2008 in Sacramento, CA.

4.) National Conference of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums

Scheppke reminded folks that the date for the 2009 conference is October 18-22, 2009 in Portland, Oregon. He hopes to follow McVey's lead and provide a similar excellent conference.

5.) LSTA Rules/Regulations and Interpretations

Western Council members all had comments and concerns regarding this issue. After much discussion of how the new interpretation by IMLS will affect critical State Library programs for offering great library services to our end users, the Council passed the following two motions:
(1) Western Council will engage IMLS in discussions to address the problems facing State Library agencies and their state based programs based on the current interpretation of how LSTA funds can be used.
(2) Western Council will take a draft letter to IMLS to the COSLA meeting in May and invite COSLA to join Western Council in discussion with IMLS regarding addressing the problems in the state based programs we are providing our states' end users that IMLS' current interpretation of uses for LSTA funds will no longer allow.

It was further discussed that the Western Council President, Jan Walsh will introduce this letter/discussion at the COSLA meeting on May 12, 2008.

6.) Statistical Program

Rudd provided an update regarding State Data Coordinators and State Library Agencies issues regarding ongoing statistical programs. A new draft will be available prior to the May COSLA meeting. Data Coordinators need to feel part of the process.

7.) COSLA Agenda Item

Public Library internet access impact study will be part of the COSLA agenda.

8.) Spring 2009 Western Council Meeting

Brandau announced MPLA will be joining the Kansas Library Association for a meeting in March or April of 2009. Brandau would invite the Western Council to meet at that time as well.

Next Meetings:

The fall meeting is scheduled for October 5-6, 2008 in Jackson, Mississippi prior to the COSLA meetings. Reimbursement for this meeting will include transportation (most likely flights since it is on the east coast or if driving the cheaper of mileage or the airline ticket cost), transportation to/from the airport, two nights lodging, and meals not provided.

The spring meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 31, 2009 in Wichita, KS prior to the MPLA/KLA meetings.


President Walsh adjourned the meeting at 5:05 p.m.

Next Meeting Agenda Items:

Sharing time for all librarians/libraries
Update on staff exchanges
Update on continuum program