Fall 2008 Meeting October 6, 2008, Hilton Jackson Hotel Jackson, Mississippi

Members: AK – Linda Thibodeau, AZ -Gladys Ann Wells, CA -Susan Hildreth, CO – Sharon Morris, HI - Richard Burns, ID - Ann Joslin, IA - Mary Wegner, KS -Christie Brandau, MT - Darlene Staffeldt, MI – Margaret Conroy, ND – Doris Ott, NE - Rod Wagner, NM - Susan Oberlander, OK - Susan McVey, OR - Jim Scheppke, SD - Dan Siebersma, TX - Peggy Rudd, UT - Donna Jones Morris, and WA - Jan Walsh

Guests: Darrell Vigil, BCR

Meeting called to order at 9:04 a.m. by Jan Walsh, President

Jan Walsh welcomed everyone to Jackson, Mississippi. Introductions were made around the table.


The minutes of the April 28, 2008 meeting were approved as previously amended.

Treasurer's Report – Provided by Darrell Vigil, BCR:

There were two handouts: Western Council of State Libraries (WestCo or Western Council) Audit letter prepared by Poysti & Adams, dated August 19, 2008 and Western Council Banked Staff Exchanges. Finances look good. Audits for Western Council are conducted every three years. In general the organization is “bigger” financially

President’s Report – Jan Walsh

Busy time for all. We did allot $1500 to BCR for website work expecting no massive changes. Jan attended the Rural Library Summit as Western Council’s representative. It was a very interesting meeting. Paper prepared by Western Council folks was excellent but summary paper from the Summit did not include Western Council’s entire piece. Hang on to both papers. A lot of Western Council’s works were/are being looked up to. Thank you to Tracy, AMR for help with the Western Council arrangements here in Jackson. Tracy was very helpful.

Old Business:

  1. Review of Reimbursement for this meeting: WestCo will reimburse for transportation to and from Jackson, Mississippi, parking at airports, three nights lodging, and meals not provided by WestCo at the meeting. It was moved and seconded to approve these pieces since there had been some previous confusion. Motion was approved.
  2. Spring Meeting in Wichita: Meeting will be March 31st and April 1, 2009 in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas Library Association in conjunction with Mountain Plains Library Association will be meeting April 1 -3, 2009 in Wichita. WestCo will plan business meeting all day on Tuesday, March 31st and then Wed morning do tours or participate in KLA/MPLA preconference presentations. If able to stay for conference, please plan to attend State Librarian’s luncheon at noon on Thursday. Expenses that WestCo will cover for this meeting include: All transportation costs including parking at airport, three nights lodging, registration for MPLA/KLA conference, meals not included in the group functions for three days.
  3. We will be looking at some Bylaws fixes at the next meeting.
  4. Western Council Exchange Policy: a draft of a new Western Council Professional Development Exchanges Policies and procedures was reviewed. Changes recommended to the draft were:
    1. Remove the “one or more of” from the III. Requirements statement
    2. Add “Is” to first requirement statement so it reads “ Is consistent with the mission of the state library agency requesting it;
    3. Capitalize D in “demonstrably” in requirements statement #2
    4. Capitalize R in “represents” in requirements statement #3
    5. Exchange the wording “laws and policies” with legal framework in requirements statement #3
    6. Move draft requirement statement number 4 to the section entitled Examples of Eligible Uses.
    7. First statement under V. Procedures should be revised to read: “The Chief Officer sends a request to the Treasurer detailing the purpose of the exchange, estimate of costs, date that the exchange will be used and that states that the request meets the stated requirements of Section III of this policy.
    8. In statement #4 of the procedures the language “or the employee” should be inserted following state library agency.
    9. In statement #5 the revision should read: “WCSL will review all use of professional development exchanges for the preceding year at its fall meeting as part of a Treasurer’s report on Professional Development Exchanges.”
    10. In VI. International Travel section the first paragraph beginning The Western Council of State Libraries…will be number 1.
    11. The section currently numbered as 1 will be numbered 2.
    12. The current section 2 will be deleted.

    The Western Council Professional Development Exchanges policies and procedures were approved with the correction noted above. Wells moved acceptance, Rudd seconded the motion and the motion passed.

    Additional discussion resulted in asking the Treasurer to develop a web form for application and for certification that the requests meets the requirements of the professional development exchanges policy.

    It was further discussed that the professional development exchanges can not be used to support the travel of the state library board/commission.

  5. IMLS Communication Committee Report: After some discussion regarding the letter prepared by Walsh, Brandau, and Rudd which was edited by Brooks and Chute, it was decided that we need to focus efforts towards LSTA reauthorization and continue to work on communications with IMLS staff.
  6. IMLS Tribal Grant: Good report as well as summary schedule provided by McVey on the Tribal conferences in Oklahoma and reminder that the next National Tribal Library Services conference will be held in Portland, OR on October 19-23, 2009. The theme for the Oregon conference is “Streams of language – memories and life ways”.
  7. Practitioner Continuum: There was much discussion on the recommendations in the Strege report of September 9, 2008. Western Council has accomplished great things with its work on core competencies and the Certification program but there are also other offerings/partners out in the world – the American Library Association’s developing program, webjunction, CE Forum group, Arizona’s Knowledge River program, etc.

    Wells moved, Rudd seconded: Western Council renegotiate with BCR management of the Practitioner program for a year. Work with the Arizona’s Knowledge River students for an analysis at a cost not to go greater than $3000. Continue to study options this year and bring to the 2009 Fall meeting for a decision on future efforts/funding from Western Council. Motion passed.

    McVey moved, Wagner seconded: Move to continue to contract with Karen Strege for up to $2000.00 for 12 months work with BCR and Knowledge River Library School. Motion passed.

  8. NLS: Scheppke reported the MOU is with the attorneys at National Library Service, we need to try to get it moving. We will encourage York and others to get the process unstuck. We all need to be active about paying attention to this process.

New Business:

  1. Nomination/Election of Officers: The nominating committee’s slate was approved, the slate included:
    1. President: Peggy Rudd, for a term ending June 30, 2010
    2. Vice President: Ann Joslin, for a term ending June 30, 2010
    3. Secretary: Darlene Staffeldt, for a term ending June 30, 2011
    4. Treasurer: Eugene Hainer, for a term ending June 30, 2011
  2. Fall 2009 Meeting: McVey moved and Wells seconded that the Fall 2009 Western Council meeting be held in conjunction with COSLA in Nevada. Motion passed.
  3. Bylaws – getting on the same page: The following folks agreed to serve as a bylaws committee to review and recommend if appropriate revisions to our bylaws at the Spring Meeting: Margaret Conroy, GladysAnn Wells, Peggy Rudd, and Ann Joslin.
  4. Rural Library Summit: It was moved and seconded that Western Council is not an author of the document that came out of the Rural library Summit and that we stand behind what was sent by Jan Walsh before the Summit and we recommend that the Walsh report from Western Council be attached to the document coming out of the Rural Library Summit. The motion passed.
  5. ARSL Conference: Hildreth reported that this was a great conference held in Sacramento with attendees from 32 states, over 250 participants. The bookmobile folks were there as well. Lots of good stuff that folks could take home and put into action immediately. The 2009 conference will be in Tennessee and 2010 in Denver, Co
  6. Boomer Project: OR, WA, and CA are partnering in a Laura Bush Grant request for a Pacific Northwest Boomer Institute which will help identify/define boomers learning needs, services and opportunities to engage in our libraries. Looking to do institute in fall 2010 and will seek other funding if not successful with Laura Bush Grant.
  7. Hildreth reported that the Librarians Index to the Internet merged with the Internet Public Library.
  8. Sharing/Updates from attendees: We went around the table and shared highlights – funding increases and decreases, remodeling stories, new buildings, exciting new projects, challenges and opportunities across the nation. All agree that this sharing time is very important part of our meetings.

Next Meetings: Western Council’s next meeting will be March 31st and April 1, 2009 in Wichita, Kansas, immediately before Kansas Library Association Conference in conjunction with Mountain Plains Library Association.


President Walsh adjourned the meeting at 3:45 p.m.

Next Meeting Agenda Items:

Sharing time for all librarians/libraries
Bylaw revisions
Final copy of Western Council Professional Development Exchanges Policies and Procedures will be provided.