Fall 2009 Meeting October 29, 2009 Lake Tahoe, NV

Members present:
AK – Linda Thibodeau
AZ – GladysAnn Wells
CO – Gene Hainer
HI – Richard Burns
ID – Ann Joslin
IA – Mary Wegner
KS – Marc Galbraith
MO – Margaret Conroy
MT – Darlene Staffeldt

NV – Dalphne Arnaiz-DeLeon
NM – Susan Oberlander
ND – Doris Ott
OK – Susan McVey
OR – Jim Scheppke
SD – Dan Siebersma
TX – Peggy Rudd
UT – Donna Jones Morris
WY – Lesley Boughton

Guests: Karen Strege, ALA and Nancy Bolt, ALA

President Peggy Rudd called the meeting to order at 9.00am and began with introductions around the table. There were no additions or changes to agenda. Peggy extended thank you to Ann Joslin for conducting the Spring meeting and the minutes team (Shannon Roy, Marc Galbraith, Margaret Conroy, and Ann Joslin) for their work putting together the minutes.

Minutes from Spring 2009 Meeting:
The March 31, 2009 meeting minutes were approved and accepted as presented.

Treasurer’s Report:
Gene Hainer provided the following four documents for review and discussion:
Budget Status report for period ending June 30, 2009 – FY2009 beginning with Assets, Budget Status report for period ending June 30, 2009 – FY2009 beginning with Revenue, Current professional development exchanges, plus a 10-year trend line of the financial status, and lastly details of Western Council staff exchanges used in the past year (October 2008-September 2009)

Gene Hainer reported that the budget is okay, tribal conference has not been closed out yet, so the complete equity picture won’t be known until December.

Discussion included some questions about the origins of the money market large balance and how it came from a healthy reserve years ago. Gene Hainer reports that the program reserve has remained consistent. Members were pleased with the staff exchange report, it will be a helpful report to have. Staff exchanges and meeting with Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) have always been important but they are especially helpful now when travel funds are being cut in many states.
Margaret Conroy moved acceptance of the Treasurers report as presented. GladysAnn Well seconded the motion and it was carried.

Gene Hainer provided a proposed FY2009-10 budget. No monies currently requested for executive board, administrative expenses are mostly Bibliographic Center for Research (BCR) charges for services they provide, and the staff exchanges is an average of the last four years.

Discussion clarified that the Practitioner Certification Administration costs are reduced but refunds have been issued to the providers who signed on before program was discontinued, Nancy Bolt and Karen Strege’s expenses to come to this meeting will be covered and then no additional expense expected. Western Council’s tribal grant was extended through June 2010 to wrap up all things such as the pieces still to happen with the evaluation. No plans at this time for Western Council to try again at this time for another Tribal grant. Oklahoma has applied for another three years. Western Council will look again after review of evaluation, etc. Gene Hainer will talk to Darrell Vigil regarding having special fund budget set up for special and/or grant projects.

Gene Hainer moved to accept the proposed FY2009-10 with the proviso that there may be some changes when the Tribal Conference revenues/expenses are finalized. Susan McVey seconded the motion and it was carried.

Peggy Rudd asked if Western Council could direct pay rooms when Western Council would be reimbursing for them. Gene Hainer was going to talk to Darrell Vigil and see if it is possible for future meetings. (**note from Peggy Rudd, dated November 13th, stated that Jim and Darrell have worked it out so the two nights lodging that Western Council will subsidize for our Spring meeting on March 23, 2010, will be direct billed to BCR.)

Reimbursement for this meeting were reviewed and included: Up to two nights lodging, travel expenses including airfare, the cheaper of airfare or mileage if driving, parking, shuttle, and any meals not provided. Prefer to have receipts for meals. You can request two separate reimbursement checks for example one for state for the charges they picked up and one for individual, but they must be requested on separate forms.

Discussion included a need for clarification on the motion made at the last meeting for Western Council to follow CONUS (Continental US per diem rates published by the GSA) travel for per diems to meetings. It was unclear as to whether that applies to members’ meetings or also to members and staff traveling and requesting reimbursement for the exchanges. GladysAnn will vote no because of Arizona’s policy. Some states will only accept reimbursement based on state travel rules.

Gene Hainer moved to apply GSA per diem reimbursement rates for all approved Western Council travel. Ann Joslin seconded the motion and it was carried.

Discussion of the potential relationship between the Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSCP) and the defunct Library Practitioner’s Certificate Program (LPCP):

Our guests Karen Strege and Nancy Bolt, both former State Librarians, both representing ALA’s Library Support Staff Certification program began the discussion with some comments regarding the relationship between the two programs.

Strege began by saying that the folks at the Oregon and Washington State Library association’s Conferences are excited about the new LSSCP program and some even want to do more. When Strege and Bolt reviewed the LPCP competencies set they found them very similar to the LSSC program. Their benchmark of 70% overlap was a match. Eight of ten competencies had at least a 70% overlap. Youth Services and Adult Readers Advisory are both covered somewhat in LSSCP but not as separate competencies. Dealing with Boards and defending budgets are not currently included in LSSC program but would like to see them be included.

Strege and Bolt said that the LSSCP will be offering seven certificates to holders of current LPCP certificates and will work with one candidate who is currently working on the now defunct Library Practitioner’s Certificate Program. Instead of the cost of $350.00 for the LSSC program certificate, they will ask the eight from Western Council’s program for $100.00 to cover the cost of the live peoples system.

Susan McVey moved that Western Council commit to up to $800.00 if a Library Practitioner’s Certification Program certificate holder wants to move to the LSSC program and further requests that the budget be amended to meet this commitment. GladysAnn Wells seconded the motion and it was carried.

Arizona has adopted the LPCP as their state program and anyone is welcome to participate via Arizona and they are also developing a government information competencies piece.

Bolt continued by stating that Western Council should be proud of the Library Practitioner’s Certificate Program. It was not a failure, you acted on the issue first and they would not have gotten as far with the LSSC program if not for the efforts put forth originally by Western Council’s program. LPCP evolved into a broad national program.

Bolt went on to say that they are writing a new grant and the main objectives will be:

  1. Increase amount and diversity of candidates.
  2. Improve the successful completion rate of candidates.
  3. Increase available courses and competencies sets.
  4. Increase acceptance of LSSC by state libraries and National accreditation agencies.
  5. Measure LSSCP impact on library employment and individuals.

Questions about people who wanted to do more then basics, so could there be levels of recognition and/or could the support program be expanded to include practitioners program, will be looked at again as they write the new grant.

LSSC not written with special competencies needed for school librarians, they are welcome to do it but again special competencies such as child development are not included.

Issues still to be looked at and possibly address: Non-MLS directors may not want a support staff certificate, it is an issue of semantics; “certified” maybe miss heard, may be knowledgeable vs. certified; will work with academics? Community colleges?

Bolt would like individual state support letters as well as letter from Western Council.

GladysAnn Wells moved that Western Council write a letter of support for the grant. Susan McVey seconded the motion and it was carried.

Thank you to Karen Strege and Nancy Bolt


Richard Burns and Susan McVey building on what Nancy Bolt said earlier that ALA, Bolt, Strege and the LSSCP owe a great deal of debt to Western Council and Arizona for their front end work. Burns and McVey encouraged that the LSSCP should formally acknowledge that debt in printed information. Several State Librarians including Amy Owens, Charlie Bolles, Karen Crane, Leslie Boughton and GladysAnn Wells provided great leadership on this issue. More awareness of that fact is very important.

Leadership Institutes for Librarians and potential interstate cooperation:

Jim Scheppke opened up a conversation on leadership institutes. Oregon is no longer a member of PNLA and thus can not participate in their institute or in MPLA’s institute. There are other specific state supported institutes in the region and there is the emerging leaders program via ALA but is Western Council happy with the current offerings and who may or may not be able to participate in them or would we like to facilitate a more cooperative regional approach to leadership institute(s)?

There was much interest in the benefits and importance of the leadership institutes, there was additional discussion on Western Council possible actions everything from writing letters of support to writing a grant to develop our own leadership institute. MPLA and PNLA both seem to have successful programs to partner with, both programs also have had trouble at various times funding the ongoing programs. Decision at this time was to encourage and urge discussions at this time but no commitments yet. This probably needs to be a long term business but not one that we need to reinvent the wheel on. Discussion of opportunities is needed before any long term or even shorter term commitments can be made.

Susan McVey moved that Western Council write a letter to Pacific Northwest Library Association and the Mountain Plains Library Association to open up a dialog on leadership institutes. Ann Joslin seconded the motion and it was carried.

Possible multi-state application for a grant under the Innovative Programs section of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Race to the Top (to get online educational resources in schools and libraries):

Gene Hainer provided a handout on the investing in Innovation (i3) fund summary and explained that Colorado was moving forward with an application. After much discussion about this competitive grant program for school improvements that could bring databases to school libraries, homework help to school libraries, etc. it was decided that Western Council as a whole not interested in a multi-state grant application effort at this time. Some states would be interested in possible partners in this effort with Colorado and they were Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Iowa. Others would love to be kept up to date via the list serve on how it is going. Thank you Gene for bringing this to our attention.

Report on 2009 Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums National Conference, Portland Oregon, October 18-22, 2009:

Peggy Rudd and Jim Scheppke both reported this was an excellent conference and very hard working conference planning/implementation group. Attendees numbered 50 more than conference goal and from all over the United States as well as other countries such as New Zealand. Preserving tribal culture was the focus of the national conference, from language to memories to science. Many tribes are facing incredible challenges as they work towards recovering the languages of the tribes. Great help and support from Alaska, Washington, California, Oklahoma, and Nevada. State Library folks were great team players. Thank you to the hard working committee and to Susan McVey for her guidance from previous years experience. When we meet in Portland will want to invite folks from the Tribal conference working committee to join us.

Plans for spring (annual) 2010 meeting:

We will plan to meet on March 23, 2010 in Portland in connection with the Public Library Association Conference. We will be staying at the Governor Hotel. See Jim Scheppke's September 22, 2009 email for specific reservation information. Western Council will pay for or reimburse up to two nights lodging, meals not provided, travel expenses including airfare, lowest cost of airfare or mileage for those who choose to drive, parking at airport, shuttle or taxi to and from airport. Fall 2010 meeting will be held along with COSLA in Kansas City, MO. The COSLA meeting will be October 25, 2010 through 27, Western Council will try to set up a meeting on the October 28th. Western Council will reimburse for up to two nights lodging (27th and 28th), meals not provided, travel expenses including airfare, lowest cost of airfare or mileage for those who choose to drive, parking at airport, and shuttle or taxi to and from airport.

New business:

(1) Continuing Education (CE) opportunities were discussed briefly.

Ann Joslin suggested, based on a conversation with Lesley Boughton, that we may want to look at strengths based leadership. It is similar to appreciative inquiry which helps organizations recognize their strengths and build their strategic plans around those strengths. Strengths based leadership applies that principle to individuals - that the most effective leaders focus on and work in their strength areas and manage their weaknesses instead of trying to fix them.

Jim Scheppke pointed out that we use to do a lot of continuing education and it would be nice to focus on CE in 2011.

Peggy Rudd asked all members to think of topics that affect all of us and to send them on to her. She will shift through and provide a list for our future meetings and GladysAnn suggested that we share the list with COSLA’s CE committee as well. Some ideas presented in addition to the above were voice of customer, branding, sharing value, showing value, CE for staff as well as State Librarians, etc.

(2) Ann Joslin proposed that we start sharing with each other our e-content contracts. What are we paying for what products and services? If we share as much as possible it will make all our contract negotiations more productive. Margaret Conroy pointed out that the Networking Committee of COSLA is also doing this and hoping to post on the knowledge base of COSLA.

Updates and reports from members:

Do to the sharing of state reports done at the COSLA meeting the day before we did not take time at this meeting to do any additional reports.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:20 pm. Those who wanted to tour the local public library with Dalphne were to meet in the lobby at 1:45pm.

Fall 2009 MEETING


  • Minutes of the Spring 2009 meeting approved,
  • Motion to accept Treasures report;
  • Motion to accept Proposed FY2009-2010 budget with the proviso that there may be slight changes when the Tribal Conference final expenditures are know;
  • Motion to apply GSA per diem reimbursement rates for all approved Western Council travel.
  • Motion to commit up to $800.00 if a Library Practitioner’s Certification Program certificate holder wants to move to the LSSC program and further requests that the budget be amended to meet this commitment.
  • Motion to write a letter of support for the new LSSC grant.
  • Motion to write a letter to Pacific Northwest Library Association and the Mountain Plains Library Association to open up a dialog on leadership institutes.


  • Notify Library Practitioner’s Certification Program certificate holders of Western Council’s willingness to support the $100.00 payment to the LSSC program.
  • Work to provide more awareness of Western Council, Arizona and specific State Librarians – Amy Owens, Charlie Bolles, Karen Crane, Leslie Boughton, and GladysAnn Wells front end work on the certification program(s).
  • Letters of congratulations and thanks will go out to the members of the Streams conference planning committee;
  • Try to work out if nights lodging that Western Council would reimburse for could be direct billed;
  • Follow up with the Presidents of the Pacific Northwest Library Association and the Mountain Plains Library Association regarding engaging in conversations on a potential collaborative around a leadership institute;
  • Gene Hainer will keep Western Council informed about the ARRA’s Race to the Top.
  • All members should give suggestions for continuing education topics to Peggy Rudd.
  • All members should share statewide contract information with each other and/or member of the COSLA Networking committee so it can be posted on knowledge base.
  • Darlene Staffeldt will provide BCR updates for the membership list as well as draft minutes for posting on the website as soon as possible.