Spring 2010 meeting March 23, 2010 Portland, OR

Members present:
AK – Linda Thibodeau
AZ - GladysAnn Wells
CA – Stacy Aldrich
CO – Gene Hainer
HI – Richard Burns
ID – Ann Joslin
IA – Mary Wegner
KS – Marc Galbraith
MO – Margaret Conroy
MT – Darlene Staffeldt

NE – Rod Wagner
NV – Dalphne Arnaiz-DeLeon
NM – Susan Oberlander
ND – Doris Ott
OK – Susan McVey
OR – Jim Scheppke
TX – Peggy Rudd
WA – Jan Walsh
WY – Lesley Boughton

Guests: Vailey Oehlke, Director of Multnomah County Library, Elvita Landau, MPLA, Mary De Walt, PNLA, Brenda Bailey Hainer, BCR, Tom Peters, TAP Information Services, and Eva Miller and Dwayne King, Pinpoint Logic.

President Peggy Rudd called the meeting to order at 9:55 am and began with a Thank you to Jim Scheppke for his efforts and suggestions in making arrangements for this meeting, tour, and visit to Portland. Additional thank yous were given to Vailey Oehlke and her staff for the tour of the Multnomah County Central Library. Self introductions were made around the table. There were no additions or changes to agenda.

Minutes from Fall 2009 Meeting:
The Fall 2009 Meeting minutes were accepted as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Gene Hainer provided the following three documents for review and discussion:
Budget Status report for period ending December 31, 2009 – FY2010; Balance sheet as of December 31, 2009 –FY2010, and Staff Exchange Deposits as of March 9, 2010.

Discussion followed regarding the Tribal Conference final budget close out and some potential left over funds. Discussion included conversations on an evaluation plan for the whole tribal conferences program back to the Arizona Conference and up to the Oregon Conference. McVey talked about some future plans within Oklahoma to continue the tribal theme efforts.

Wells moved that any remaining funds after the grant for the current Oregon Tribal monies is completed should be transfered (upon approval from IMLS) to Oklahoma State Library for their continuing tribal efforts. Motion was seconded by Scheppke and passed unanimously.

Discussion continued with review of the staff exchanges report. McVey spoke to the value of this program particularly in these tougher times. Wells thanked Hainer for his work to make the forms very usable online and for the very timely response to our professional development exchange requests.

It was moved and seconded that we accept the Treasurers report. Motion carried.

President’s Report: Rudd reported on the many topics that she followed up on since our last meeting including but not limited to: setting up direct billing for our hotel rooms, great communications and follow up with MaryKay Dahlgren regarding the Streams Conference (Oregon Tribal Conference), follow up on payments to practitioners as they transferred from Western Council’s defunct Library Practitioner’s Certificate Program to the new ALA’s Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSCP).

Project Compass update: State Librarians reported on the efforts moving forward with the Project Compass project. The Summits to date have been very good, still a couple more to go. Project began with North Carolina partnering with WebJunction, summits have been funded by IMLS and at this point in time almost all states are participating. Missouri and Montana are the only blank spots on the map as of this meeting but plans are for their participation to be recognized on the map soon. Lots of efforts going on in the various states by libraries towards workforce development, State Libraries are doing more partnering with state departments of labor and employment. It is a good effort to bring all the players to the table to share projects and ideas. Thank you to North Carolina, WebJunction, and IMLS, as well as thank you to all the State Libraries for coming on board to help.

Collaborative Leadership Institute Discussion: We were joined by Elvita Landau representing the Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) and Mary De Walt representing the Pacific Northwest Library Association (PNLA). Both Elvita and Mary provided a handout and brief description of their current Leadership Institutes. Discussion included value of both programs, possible ways to include non MPLA or PNLA States’ librarians access to one or the other of the programs, possible consideration of a separate Western Council budget but probably not necessary at this time due to professional development exchange budgets. Western Council commitment to continue to communicate with these organizations regarding the leadership institute, encourage use of our staff exchanges to help staff attend as slots are available, will try to target some of our own towards the institutes. The Association representatives agreed to visit with their Boards regarding our conversations, perhaps to let us know when they have openings that could be filled with our non-MPLA/PNLA states librarians, etc. Big thank you to Mary and Elvita for their time today.

Standards for Blind and Print-Disabled Persons: Brenda Hainer Bailey, as Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) President, reported that the association was moving forward to help in the development of new standards and said a competitive request for information will be announced soon. An Advisory Committee is being formed and we need to make sure that the State Library Agencies running programs for the Blind and Print-disabled persons have adequate representation. Scheppke suggested all pull out the last set of standards and review them. Perhaps more should be guidelines than standards. New standards need to have more about user outcomes and also deal with space issues, including whether or not duplicates and master copies need to be kept by individual libraries or maybe the regional model would be more appropriate. We need to keep our eyes on this new standards development process as it moves forward.

COSLA E-Reader Task Force Briefing - Jim Scheppke: Oregon State Librarian along with Tom Peters, TAP Information Services, and Eva Miller and Dwayne King, Pinpoint Logic provided us with a power point presentation, a handout and a general update regarding the COSLA eReader Feasibility study. Task Force members include the four above as well as Jo Budler, Kansas State Librarian, Stacey Aldrich, California State Librarian and Rob Maier, Director of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The Task Force has completed the first round of interviews and developed some initial themes from those interviews. A couple of those themes are:

  • Libraries believe devices need help, but they don’t feel they can change them;
  • Libraries want to expose people to devices more than assure equal access at this time;

Much discussion followed regarding how libraries matter, landscape has changed, libraries could help design the best devices, no clear course of action but continued conversations are necessary.

EBSCO Midwinter Meeting Announcement: After some discussion regarding the exclusive control of some content and at the same time some content available via multiple vendors, and the issues for some State Libraries’ unique database contracts, it was agreed that this is an issue for all vendors not just EBSCO and that we should continue to monitor and add our voices as necessary.

Plans for Fall 2010 meeting: Meeting in Fall will be connected to the COSLA meeting in Kansas City. COSLA will be paying for three days and Western Council will direct bill for two nights. Western Council will plan for a dinner on Wednesday night and an 8:30 to noon agenda on Thursday so folks can plan to get out on mid to late afternoon flights on Thursday. There will be no Western Council CE event at the Fall meeting. Hainer is interested in suggestions for COSLA CE events for future meetings. The eReader Task Force report should be available at COSLA meeting.

New business:

All were encouraged to watch for the release of the new revised Records Use Policy from OCLC on the 31st of March.

The Race to the TOP grants to provide assistance to school first round grantee was Colorado State Library; another round is out there, due in Mid-May.

Western Council has some solid assets. A Program Reserve Options Task Force consisting of Gene Hainer, Gladys Ann Wells, and Susan Oberlander was established by President Rudd to come to the Fall meeting with some suggested options. Some of the suggestions in the discussion included: Opportunity for library development officers to get together, planning and presentation of a state library staff institute, significant continuing education event for State Librarians.

Updates and reports from members: All members were asked to give very brief high light reports. Three minutes were allowed and a timer was used. Almost all of the State Librarians were able to make the time limit and great news was shared. A big Thank you to Susan, New Mexico State Librarian and Staff, Gladys Ann, Arizona State Librarian and staff, as well as Rebecca, Louisiana State Librarian and staff for sharing their first round BTOP grants and helping some of the rest of us get our grant requests into the second round.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm

Spring 2010 MEETING


  • Minutes of the Fall 2009 meeting approved,
  • Motion to transfer unexpended Tribal Conference grant monies to Oklahoma State Library for their continued tribal theme efforts
  • Motion to accept Treasures report;
  • Program Reserve Options Task Force was established to bring options to the Fall Meeting.


  • Continue conversations with MPLA and PNLA regarding leadership institutes needs and availability to all Western Council states
  • Provide suggestions to the Standards for Blind and Print-Disabled Persons development process
  • Darlene Staffeldt will provide BCR updates for the membership list as well as draft minutes for posting on the website as soon as possible.